LetsGetChecked Launches at Home Coronavirus Test

LetsGetChecked Launches at Home Coronavirus Test

March 27, 2017 Health Learning and Education 0
Coronavirus at home test - LetsGetChecked testing at home

The Coronavirus / Covid-19 at-home test is available since March 30, 2020, initially in the U.S. only, with healthcare workers on the frontline prioritized; LetsGetChecked worked with individual laboratory partners to deliver across other European markets.

LetsGetChecked announced a new two-part test for coronavirus (COVID-19), to help U.S. healthcare workers on the frontline battle the pandemic.

The LetsGetChecked Coronavirus Test (COVID-19) is the first test to offer immediate point-of-care (POC) results, followed by full laboratory analysis using both an oral and nasal swab sample.

The company has committed to 250,000 tests in the first batch, with the view to scale to over 1 million tests within the next few months.

Over the last five years, LetsGetChecked has developed an end-to-end infrastructure that supports in-home testing of a variety of important clinical indications. Now, during this critical time this platform can be leveraged to provide important testing to those in need. While the company has historically sold online and through retail channels direct-to-consumer, they are prioritizing their first line of testing services to those working within the healthcare system and at-risk groups.

This was made available through payer and provider channels starting on March 30, 2020.

This test was initially available in the U.S., where LetsGetChecked has invested millions of dollars in setting up a CLIA certified laboratory, which allows the company to improve access to coronavirus testing. The company is currently working with individual laboratory partners and expanded the availability of the coronavirus screening tests to other European countries significantly affected. As with the U.S., tests are prioritized for frontline healthcare staff and at-risk groups.

To maximize the accessibility to testing, LetsGetChecked is pricing the test at the true cost of $119 per unit. For transparency, costs will cover testing, express return shipping, lab analysis, physician review, nursing support and access to a LetsGetChecked IOS mobile app so patients can access results online.

As with all LetsGetChecked home health tests, support will be provided in the form of online resources, physician review, and access to LetsGetChecked’s dedicated nursing team for one-on-one consultation. Positive COVID-19 results are reported in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

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